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High-Tech Tuesday Series: Want channel partner loyalty? Get a dog. Build channel strategies and programs that deliver sales, not promises.

High-Tech Tuesday Series

Discussion Topics:

  • Design a straightforward, repeatable process for building an effective channel strategy and program
  • Maximize investment with your channel partners and improve their performance
  • Pick the right number of partners and form the most effective alliances

Building and maintaining an effective indirect channel, whether VARs, distributors, systems integrators or others, can dramatically improve your market share and profitability. Channel strategy and management is neither a black art nor a function of your relationship with your partners; it’s a process that—done well—drives superior investment by your partners in your business. In this webinar we tell you how to do the right things in the right order to build an effective new channel or fix one that’s not working.

Hosted by:

Neil McMurchy

Research Director



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