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Preparing for the End of Windows XP; Is Windows 8 in Your Future?

Discussion Topics:


  • How long can you run Windows 7, and what are best practices to eliminate it or reduce its risk?
  • What is Windows 8 and what will be its role in the industry?
  • Where can Windows 8 provide value and how should organizations plan future client OS investments?

 Windows 7 is a critical project that will touch every PC in almost every organization, but some organizations are running late. Windows 8 is a big step for Microsoft and perhaps for organizations. The hype around Windows 8 is building and some organizations are considering moving to it instead of Windows 7, while others are planning to skip it for most of their PCs. This webinar will help organizations understand what’s going on in the market and chart their course to reduce risk, save money, and optimize their client OS projects.

Hosted by:

Stephen Kleynhans

Research VP