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Gartner Predicts a Disruptive IT Future

Discussion Topics:

  • What key predictions will affect business and IT growth strategies
  • What predictions will shape CIO strategies in the era of the Nexus
  • What predictions will highlight key market changes in IT adoption


Disruptions in IT have increased in frequency and impact over the past 20 years and are expected to continue growing. Did you know a gun that fires can be printed entirely from plastic and the blueprints are free? Did you know, human organs are being printed that work? Did you know a smart machine may come after your job? Enterprises are learning to build on past experiences and to chart a course to a more chaotic, yet valuable, IT future. This presentation examines Gartner's Top 10 predictions and how they will impact the strategy and direction of both IT and business.

Hosted by:

Daryl C. Plummer

Managing VP & Gartner Fellow