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Assess End-to-End Supply Chain Trade-Offs Through Benchmarking

Discussion Topics:


  • Supply chain benchmarking best practices
  • How to use the Gartner Hierarchy of Supply Chain Metrics to assess end-to-end supply chain trade-offs
  • How to leverage the Gartner supply chain benchmarking annual program to identify critical areas of improvement

Many organizations pursue isolated benchmark data to understand functional effectiveness. However, to realize the full potential of benchmarking, supply chain executives must approach it as a strategic initiative to improve end-to-end supply chain performance, beyond narrow functional silos. Get a preview of the Gartner supply chain benchmarking annual program to understand best practices, assess your supply chain health, identify areas of improvement and navigate trade-offs in the end-to-end supply chain. Learn how to create a powerful case for change by combining benchmarking and Gartner's industry-leading maturity models, toolkits and in-depth supply chain research.

Hosted by:

Debashis Tarafdar

Research Director

Debra Hofman

Research VP

Jim Romano

Sr Program Manager, SC Top 25




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