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Decommissioning: The Emerging Role of the Application Undertaker

Discussion Topics:

  • The difference between the application assassin and the application undertaker
  • How to create a central point of ownership for the processes and policies associated with decommissioning
  • How to optimize the management of "orphaned data" - data that must be retained after the application has been removed
Businesses and IT organizations have spent the past 40 years relentlessly acquiring applications, honing their project management skills to focus on delivery of ever greater value to the business. The net effect of that effort is that application portfolios are bloated with aging applications, many of which need to be replaced in the next few years. Unfortunately, too often the "replacement" project successfully implements the new application but fails to eliminate the old application from the portfolio. CIOs and application leaders need to rethink the process of decommissioning applications, and they will need to instantiate a new role to lead the decommissioning activity - the application undertaker.

Hosted by:

Andy Kyte

VP & Gartner Fellow




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