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Remaster Your Leadership Using Six Personas Fit for Digital Business

Discussion Topics:

  • Why conventional management will be disrupted by digital
  • The new behaviors of digital business leadership
  • How CIOs and executive leaders can drive those behavior changes
  • Hear different case studies and how they apply to each persona (i.e. Zebra’s relationship with the NFL and their ability to re-map the game.)

Digital business doesn't just disrupt markets; it disrupts tried-and-true management behaviors as well. Overreliance on past behaviors now ill-suited to the unique demands of digital business, can create dangerous blind spots for CIOs. To lead and influence digital business change, many CIOs will need to remaster their leadership styles. This webinar outlines how, based on six specific leadership personas common to successful digital business executive leaders.

Hosted by:

Graham P. Waller

Research VP

Mark Raskino

VP & Gartner Fellow




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