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Digital Marketing Hubs at the Core of Marketing's Digital Revolution

Discussion Topics:


  • The leaders, challengers, visionaries, and niche players in the digital marketing hub market, where they come from and how they are different
  • How marketers are using hubs and the opportunities and challenges of hub adoption
  • The trends in insourcing and outsourcing hub capabilities, and which industries are primed for big investments

A digital marketing hub is foundational for many mission-critical priorities of marketers. Having recognized the pivotal role that data and technology now play in marketing, software providers are racing to develop and integrate the tools marketers need to coordinate and optimize their efforts in today's always-on, hyperconnected marketplace. Without a hub, digital marketing is a chaotic collection of disconnected, uninformed activities. The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs looks across traditional product boundaries to assess the players vying for this crucial central role. This webinar presents the competitive landscape and reveals the state of adoption and priorities across industries.


Hosted by:

Andrew Frank

VP Distinguished Analyst




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