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The Application Integration Middleware Market Embraces Digital Transformation

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar Series

Discussion Topics:

  • How platform as a service (PaaS), low-latency messaging, complex event processing and in-memory data grids are benefiting from the shift from traditional AIM products
  • How the hyperfragmentation of the market is hindering the growth potential
  • How AIM projects are becoming the cornerstone of the digital business

This webinar discusses the most-significant supply and demand-side trends affecting current and upcoming dynamics in the application infrastructure and middleware (AIM) software market as organizations capitalize on digital business moments. Event processing, in-memory computing, cloud and pervasive integration will be the key driving forces that will reshape the AIM market, while vendors will continue to bundle software products and look at cloud-based delivery models to meet new and more articulated market demands.

Hosted by:

Fabrizio Biscotti

Research Director

Massimo Pezzini

VP & Gartner Fellow