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Helping Midmarket IT Leaders Change the Conversation From Cost to Value

Discussion Topics:

  • How the focus on single cost metrics can inhibit IT's ability to drive business performance
  • How to calculate your organization's current and future cost value rating to stress-test your IT investment plans
  • Why moving IT from a cost center to a contribution center can be the catalyst of change required to improve overall business performance

Many midmarket IT leaders report that they are often required to reduce IT spending. With CFOs measuring IT against a single metric - "IT spending as a % of revenue," - there is a heavy focus on reducing IT's costs with little focus on increasing its contribution to the business. This has led to many midmarket IT leaders being unable to move the conversation from cost to value. The result is usually the business failing to innovate from within and utilising IT to optimise business performance. In this webinar we introduce the Gartner Cost Value Matrix as a new way to measure IT's contribution to the business. The Cost Value Matrix focuses on how IT has contributed to improving business metrics, rather than its record on cost cutting, a much improved and fairer way of assessing a CIO's performance.

Hosted by:

Sanil Solanki

Research Director