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Where Your PPM Career Won't Be in 2020: A Gartner Viewpoint

Discussion Topics:

  • Impacts and influences affecting today's PPM, leading to changes in 2020
  • What "shape" PPM roles and functions will take in 2020: What's the same and what's different
  • What new or changed capabilities are needed for success in the digital future

A tsunami of change is engulfing every aspect of PPM disciplines. With the advent of digital transformation, applications, data in the cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT), many PPM capabilities, skills and standard practices are already being rendered obsolete. Concern about this obsolescence on the part of PPM leaders is not enough. They will not find a broad highway to the future. Pioneers and trailblazers will be needed. If they are to survive, PPM leaders must take up their axes and set off into the trackless wilderness of the new digital age, partnering with others. Innovative thought, experimentation and best practices that move beyond the comfy certainties of one-size-fits-all are what's needed.

Hosted by:

Michael Hanford

Research VP




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