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How Cloud Platforms are Changing to Support Web-Scale Digital Business

Discussion Topics:

  • Why understanding your objectives is a key prerequisite to choosing the right platform architecture
  • Why basic SOA, a major progressive step from monolithic architecture, is becoming insufficient to meet the demands of digital business and other modern application styles
  • Why IT planners must think strategically, but act tactically, with an eye on continuing change in technology, IT business models and enterprise business requirements

There is no digital business without cloud, and there is no cloud without a cloud platform. Users of SaaS and IaaS discover PaaS as they look to add productivity and extensibility to their operations. The leading IT planners and architects turn to PaaS as the nexus of support for innovation, differentiation, agility and productivity in IT. Digital business and IoT impose new demands and test cloud platform providers’ agility and insight. Understanding the nature, the tradeoffs, and the opportunities of cloud platforms and PaaS providers is essential for all IT planners and strategic IT architects.

Hosted by:

Yefim V. Natis

VP & Gartner Fellow