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Using BI and Analytics Magic Quadrant To Modernize Your Capabilities

Discussion Topics:

  • Key aspects of a modern BI and analytics platform architecture, what changes in 2016 and why
  • The drivers of current and future buying in the BI and analytics market
  • How the BI and Analytics Magic Quadrant is evaluated and the key themes for 2016
  • How to select the right BI and Analytics tool for the right user

The BI and analytics platform market has transitioned during the past several years as the balance of power steadily shifted from IT to the business. This multiyear shift of focus from IT-led reporting to business-led self-service analytics passed the tipping point in 2016, which has forced a new perspective on the definition of a BI and analytics platform, and consequently, has significantly re-ordered the vendor landscape as represented in the Magic Quadrant. This webinar explores the key characteristics of the new modern BI and analytics platform and explains the key impacts to this year's Magic Quadrant resulting from this change. Inclusion and evaluation criteria for the Magic Quadrant and an overview of new companion research are discussed, and are critical for buyers in this market to understand and consider in future purchase decisions.

Hosted by:

Cindi Howson

Research VP

Rita L. Sallam

Research VP