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Developing a Strategic Organization Design for a Complex Global Supply Chain

Discussion Topics:

  • The four layers of supply chain organization design, and how they can be applied to your business
  • Strategies for applying the layering model to differentiate and integrate your supply chain
  • How the Gartner approach to a 'bimodal' supply chain can be embedded in organization design
  • The connection between supply chain maturity and organization design strategies

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, and leaders need to balance the needs of local businesses with pressures for global integration. They must organize their supply chains to deliver across multiple customers/channels, geographies, products and functions. Architecting an organizational design across all of these dimensions at the same time can be a daunting task.

This webinar introduces organization design strategies that leaders in supply chain are using to balance the multiple requirements of complex supply chains.

Hosted by:

Ken Chadwick

Research Director