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Bimodal IT Is the Best Way to Deliver Application Rationalization

Discussion Topics:

  • How to set meaningful goals for your application rationalization initiative
  • Why you need two primary work-streams to address application rationalization
  • Why adopting bimodal IT transformation for business and IT is the best solution to deliver better business outcomes

Application rationalization remains a key initiative for many of CIOs. However, the way in which they need to address rationalization has changed quite dramatically. Solution models that might have worked four to five years ago are really no longer the answer. Instead, the best (the only?) way forward is to adopt bimodal IT. Bimodal will enable businesses to transition from bloated application portfolios toward a lower-cost and more agile state without the high risks associated with "big bang" replacement of major parts of their portfolios.

Hosted by:

Andy Kyte

VP & Gartner Fellow