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Adapting Your IT Strategy for a Cloud-Dominated Business Application Environment

Discussion Topics:

  • Understanding the future of business applications in the cloud
  • Developing a cloud-based business application strategy
  • Selecting a cloud-based business application vendor

This Special Report will examine the effect on IT and application strategies for those who assume cloud first and make the flip to cloud computing for business applications. We are seeing a significant shift from owning and running business application software to consuming and using business application services. Many organizations and vendors are making an assumption that cloud will be their first choice for applications. This is a flip of expectations and priorities into the cloud model, and many companies will require a reorientation of IT strategies for delivering business application capabilities. The Special Report will predict the move of business applications to the cloud (all types), what "tipping point" may exist, and what organization types would be impacted.

Hosted by:

Alexander Drobik

Managing VP

Michael Maoz

VP Distinguished Analyst




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