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A Startup's Guide to Navigate Digital Disruption in Healthcare

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Discussion Topics:

  • Why digital healthcare is happening now
  • Where the opportunities are at an industry level
  • What are the industry challenges
  • How to address the market

So you want to disrupt healthcare? You think the moment is finally here after many false starts? Your firm has many ideas but are baffled by the 'soup of acronyms' and left wondering about the industry dynamics? In this webinar, targeted to the business strategists within the start-up community; we discuss the absolute essentials of digital healthcare, the industry components, market opportunities and insights on how to address them. Please note that this session is a strategic industry wide view, and should not be perceived as an analysis of a specific market sub-segment.

Hosted by:

Anurag Gupta

Research VP


LIVE - 29 November 2016

(NEW YORK, UTC -5 hours)

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