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Building Platforms for a Digital Society - Gartner Opening Keynote


Discussion Topics:

  • What a digital platform is and how you can build one
  • How digital leadership can accelerate your digital success
  • How digital ecosystems will evolve to create new markets and partnerships in the digital era

Your success in meeting the fast-moving technology challenges of the past few years perfectly positions you for the future. No matter where you are right now — opening up back-office systems for digital delivery, shifting to cloud, or developing a digital workplace, or investing in the Internet of Things, blockchain and machine learning — you are on the right track to building a robust digital platform! But keep an eye on the bigger picture: We are building and integrating something bigger than any particular digital business — we’re moving to a digital society for ourselves, our children and our children’s children.

Hosted by:

Hung LeHong

VP & Gartner Fellow

Daryl C. Plummer

VP & Gartner Fellow

Peter Sondergaard

SVP, Research




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