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IT Spending Forecast, 4Q16 Update: What Will Make Headlines in 2017

Join us for 60 minutes

Discussion Topics:

  • Where Gartner sees IT spending growth in 2017 through 2020
  • How the possibility of a global recession is affecting IT spending
  • What changes will emerge around devices, open source, blockchain and the digital giants

2016 was the start of an amazing dichotomy. The pace of change in IT will never again be as slow as it is now, but global IT spending growth was lackluster. 2016 was also year of significant and unexpected news events, including Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. This new period of prolonged uncertainty that started in 2016 will continue into 2017. Businesses will continue to invest in IT and will continue to expect revenue growth, but there will be shifts in spending patterns. Digital business, blockchain, IoT and the progress from algorithms to machine learning to artificial intelligence will continue unabated. The climate of uncertainty will push new digital alternatives to save money and speed time to value. Paradoxically, the same uncertainty will cause businesses to freeze CapEx preferences.2017 will be a year of extremes; fast changes and solid commitments, new business and retrenching business, old and new favorites, and above all, big headlines.

Hosted by:

John-David Lovelock

Research VP

Martin Reynolds

VP & Gartner Fellow

Rajesh Kandaswamy

Research Director

Fabrizio Biscotti

Research VP




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