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When Siloes Are the Problem

Join us for 60 minutes

Discussion Topics:

  • How data siloes become a problem
  • The basis of the challenge
  • How to successfully address the challenge to drive business value

One of the foundational challenges before organizations today is that of fragmented data. This scenario did not come about by deliberate effort. Yet in the collective incremental effort to address dynamic and evolving business requirements, we find ourselves facing a multitude of siloed enterprise applications that serve as the source of fragmented data.

As organizations strive to address the ever-growing demands of the markets in which they operate, and at an increased pace, the fragmented enterprise data landscape presents a substantial impediment. Continued success in your competitive landscape will require the mitigation of fragmented enterprise data by spanning the application silos within your organization – and the leading competitors within your industry vertical are doing this today.

Hosted by:

Michael Patrick Moran

Research Director