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Integrating Mode 2 Capabilities into Supply Chain and Operations

Join us for 60 minutes

Discussion Topics:

  • What bimodal is
  • Why bimodal capabilities are important
  • How to approach the integration of Mode 2 capabilities into operations

Bimodal is about how an organization tackles initiatives. It is the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work, one focused on predictability and the other on exploration. What the initiative is, does not matter.

A common question we hear from clients is, "How do I take initiatives or solutions developed in a Mode 2 environment and governance structure and incorporate them into established processes and operations within my supply chain?" Having bimodal capabilities isn't enough. Supply chain leaders must become adept at taking capabilities developed in Mode 2 and integrating them into operations.

Hosted by:

Michael Burkett

VP Distinguished Analyst

Michael Dominy

Research VP




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