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Mobile World Congress 2017: Gartner Post-Event Commentary

Join HTTP for 60 minutes

Discussion Topics:

  • Evolution of the smartphone, new top players, impactful technologies and user cases across the user 24h experience
  • Looking at the value of AI beyond the hype, how AI impacts design, new requirements and user experience for wearables and the smartphone, how AI will enable smarter devices and people
  • How VR is enhancing consumer and vertical applications

Mobile World Congress is the key mobile industry event that provides an early look at the mobile devices, technologies, mobile apps and services making their way to users in the upcoming year. We review the most significant announcements and emerging trends across devices (smartphones, wearables, and other IoT endpoints) and enabling technologies (like 5G, artificial Intelligence, VR) seen at this event.

Hosted by:

Roberta Cozza

Research Director

Jon Erensen

Research Director




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