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Data Center Modernization and Infrastructure Agility Trends

Join us for 60 minutes

Discussion Topics:

  • The 2017 trends for data center modernization and infrastructure agility that really matter
  • How combining hybrid cloud with software-defined infrastructure enables application mobility and improves IT agility
  • How IT service continuity and data protection can address distributed and hybrid cloud architectures, as well as recovery from cyberattacks

IT infrastructure professionals must plan for business transformation by leveraging modern data center technologies such as flash-based storage, containers and software-defined technologies. IT organizations should move to more of a buy-versus-build mentality for infrastructure systems. Data protection and business-critical services must consider hybrid architectures. Data center modernization and infrastructure agility initiatives are at the heart of digital transformation. In this session, we address the top data center modernization and infrastructure agility trends.

Hosted by:

Matthew Brisse

Research VP