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U.S. Healthcare Payers: Innovate or Face Obsolescence

Join us for 60 minutes

Discussion Topics:

  • The trends and drivers forcing payers' strategic options
  • Innovations needed to deliver health-value to consumers
  • Examples of emerging best practices you can adopt to advance your strategy

U.S. healthcare payers are at a cross roads. Down one path lies a future of progressive obsolescence as cost-constrained, behind-the-scenes claims adjudicators. Down the other is a future of growth and profit from consumers willingly rewarding their business to organizations that deliver measurable health value and satisfying experiences.

Many forces are aligned against payers' financial prospects, including provider consolidation, regulatory and purchaser pressure, increasing care demand and options, and a legacy of high administrative complexity and cost. Incrementally addressing these pressures won't deliver the new capabilities required to support a more consumer-oriented, value-based model. Nothing short of a strategic transformation toward orchestrating, and monetizing, health-value is needed to revive and solidify payers' prominent role in the healthcare market.

Hosted by:

Brad Holmes

Managing VP