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Use Your Analytics Strategy to Avoid Common Performance Measurement Pitfalls

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Discussion Topics:

  • How to put the right team together and provision the right capabilities
  • How to apply measures to the right business outcomes
  • How to govern measures for maximum impact

An accurate and precise system of measurement is a major factor in an organization's success. Despite improvements in our ability to measure growth, cost, efficiency, quality, risk, and more; most companies tend to fall victim to the traditional performance measurement pitfalls that have plagued the business world and public sector for decades. Common pitfalls include measures that fail to yield actionable insight, produce a sense of apathy, and unintentionally encourage negative behavior. While the intended audience of this webinar is primarily for Data & Analytic leaders, it should be useful for anyone interested in how to improve their organization's ability to measure performance.

Hosted by:

Kurt Schlegel

Research VP




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