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Infonomics: Monetizing, Managing and Measuring Information as a True Asset

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Discussion Topics:

  • How to monetize information in a variety of high-value ways
  • How to manage information with the same discipline as traditional assets
  • Why and how to measure information’s value

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“How Infosavvy are You and Your Organization?” (survey and instant report)

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Do you envy other companies that innovatively wield information as a competitive weapon? Does your organization inventory and track its office furniture, but not its data? Do your executives have any idea what your information assets are actually worth or their untapped economic value?  Infonomics is a new discipline for IT, information, business, and corporate leaders who demand their organizations squeeze ever-more value from available data. Doug Laney shares answers from his new book, “Infonomics: Monetizing, Managing and Measuring Information for Competitive Advantage,” on how to thrive, not just survive, in the Information Age.

Hosted by:

Douglas Laney

VP Distinguished Analyst




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