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Digital Business Progress Revealed: Do You Have Digital Urgency?

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Discussion Topics:

  • The dimensions of digital progress and how they vary by industry
  • The CIO behaviors and organizational approaches that are correlated with digital progress
  • How your organization is doing compared to your peers and cross industry digital leaders

In Gartner's CIO Agenda 2018 Survey, we asked CIOs to report their digital progress and to share insights on their personal role and actions in support of digital. We learned that digital progress varies widely both within and across industries, and yet some strikingly important common characteristics emerge among those organizations reporting the greatest progress.

In this webinar, two industry analysts, Brad Holmes and Jan-Martin Lowendahl, will share these findings and reveal the strategies and tendencies of digital progress.  Use this data to compare and contrast your own digital efforts, both how you are orienting and organizing, and also your progress versus your peers and industry-wide leaders.  Webinar attendees will also be invited to try a short 11-question digital progress self-assessment and receive a personalized progress report.

Hosted by:

Jan-Martin Lowendahl

VP Distinguished Analyst

Brad Holmes

Managing VP




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