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IT Spending Forecast, 4Q17 Update: What Will Make Headlines in 2018?

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Discussion Topics:

  • Where Gartner sees IT spending growth in 2018 through 2021
  • The effects of currency fluctuations and the possibility of a global recession on IT spending
  • Four headlines covering: computing, AI, devices, and the digital giants

Global IT spending growth began to turnaround in 2017 with annual increases expected through 2021. However, uncertainty looms as organizations consider potential impacts of Brexit, currency fluctuations, and a possible global recession. Despite uncertainty, businesses will continue to invest in IT as they anticipate revenue growth, but their spending patterns will shift. Projects in digital business, blockchain, IoT, and progress from algorithms to machine learning through artificial intelligence (AI) will continue unabated. 2018 will be a year of extremes; fast changes and solid commitments, new business and retrenching business, old favorites and new favorites, and above all, big headlines. In this webinar, Gartner will walk through four different headlines that will emerge in 2018 as massive changes to the status quo.

Hosted by:

John-David Lovelock

VP Distinguished Analyst




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