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State of Data Security

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Discussion Topics:

  • How to balance compliance with business requirements
  • Adequate data protection in a public cloud
  • Appropriate data security controls

Warning: Your data is not all neatly defined, structured, organized and secured in your datacenter. Determining or defining the data that matters most, where it is or will be stored, who is or will be responsible for it must be clearly understood and defined in order to be GDPR compliant and for your data to be properly secured. The impact of big data projects, the continued migration to cloud platforms and applications, IoT projects, blockchain experiments can create new threats if a clear governance strategy is not in place. In this webinar, we'll help you determine what you need to do to be compliant and ensure data security in 2018 and beyond.

Hosted by:

Merv Adrian

Research VP

Marc-Antoine Meunier

Research Director


LIVE - 07 February 2018

(NEW YORK, UTC -5 hours)