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How to Address SaaS Change Management

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Discussion Topics:

  • Why change management is one of the top 5 issues for technical professionals implementing SaaS
  • Using risk levels to determine if and when IT should control change management
  • Using shorter cycles for SaaS testing to keep up with change cadence

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Addressing software as a service (SaaS) change management is ranked among the top five SaaS challenges for technical professionals. Current software change management strategies are unsuitable for SaaS solutions as changes are typically rapid and inconsistent. New change management strategies need to be formed specifically for a SaaS portfolio and take into account that the majority of changes will be pushed and controlled by the SaaS provider, not IT. This webinar will discuss the Gartner agile and risk-oriented approach that enables IT to perform SaaS change management focusing only on the upcoming changes that may disrupt the business and impact enterprise users.

Hosted by:

Kyle Davis

Research Director




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