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Succeed in Digital Business with Event-Driven Computing

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Discussion Topics:

  • Event driven computing and how it facilitates digital business innovation
  • Unique digital business opportunities revealed by event-driven computing
  • Key stages of increasing maturity for an event-driven digital business

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Adapting event driven computing is an essential part of digital transformation. Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and others are actively investing in their next-generation application platforms to support event driven serverless function architecture. Most technology leaders added Apache Kafka based event brokers to their platform portfolios. Event stream analytics is one of the fastest growing technology categories (Apache Spark Streaming and Storm, AWS Kinesis Streams and Data Analytics, Salesforce Thunder).

Yet, most organizations are hesitant to make a strategic investment in augmenting their skills and technology portfolios to build competence in event driven computing. It's time for your organization to get ahead in digital business by embracing event thinking in leadership and throughout the business and technology organizations.

Hosted by:

Yefim V. Natis

VP & Gartner Fellow




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