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Augmented Analytics: The Next Disruption in Analytics and BI

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Discussion Topics:

  • Augmented analytics capabilities and their ramifications for organizational and market disruption
  • Ways augmented analytics will transform the entire analytics workflow
  • Adopting augmented analytics capabilities to modernize and drive digital transformation and innovation

Processes for preparing data, analyzing data, building advanced analytics models, interpreting results and telling stories with data remain manual and prone to bias. Meanwhile, data volumes are increasing and becoming more complex to optimize cross-functional digital business decisions. This makes it difficult to determine the most relevant and actionable findings.

There is hope, however. A new paradigm, augmented analytics, has emerged. Central to this development is the use of machine-learning automation to augment human intelligence and contextual awareness across the entire data and analytics workflow. In this webinar, learn about augmented analytics and how it is crucial for unbiased decisions, impartial contextual awareness and acting on insights.

Hosted by:

Rita L. Sallam

Research VP




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