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Secure Customers with a Digitally Disruptive Go-to-Market Strategy

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Discussion Topics:

  • Creating a willful disruption strategy
  • Explaining disruptive value to customers
  • Applying the elements of disruption for fun and profit
Many Technology Service Providers (TSPs), whether emerging or established, struggle to differentiate their offerings, often falling back on speeds and feeds rather than on customer value and outcomes. This is true even when incorporating or marketing/selling technologies often designated as "disruptive". However, by adequately addressing disruptive aspects of Go-to-Market (GTM) and helping customers understand the value of digital disruption, TSPs can differentiate and drive value for customers more effectively. This webinar will help TSP business unit leaders understand the strategies and tactics that define a willful disruption strategy. We will share examples and methods that will help you institutionalize digital disruption and its benefits.

Hosted by:

David Yockelson

Research VP




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