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Data Literacy: Foster Information as a Second Language

Watch this free 60 minute Data and Analytics webinar on-demand

Discussion Topics:

  • Understand data literacy and why it's important now
  • What is Information as a Second Language (ISL)
  • How ISL relates to growing data literacy
  • Key steps to start growing data literacy individually, and organizationally

Data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming increasingly pervasive in how we work, interact and live, enabling a whole new way of thinking and experiencing the world. Yet not everyone knows how to engage in our new data-driven atmosphere. This has created a data literacy gap, and it is widening. Data literacy has become a new core competency, as fundamental as the language we speak. In this webinar, we explore the emergence of the data literacy gap and help you treat information as your new second language.

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Hosted by:

Valerie A. Logan

Research Director




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