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The New Buyers of Disruptive Technologies

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Discussion Topics:

  • The top concerns of C-level buyers and how they want to buy
  • How disruptive technologies disrupt business processes
  • The changes you can make to adapt to these new buyers

Your go-to-market strategy needs a new approach in terms of who to target, how your solution drives value, and how you engage. The next generation of disruptive technologies - artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) - only make sense in the context of specific business use cases across business units, organizations and budgets. It's critical that you effectively target and engage the right buyers in the line of business when taking your offerings to market. You must also be aware that your solution may be up against other categories, like AI competing with a blockchain solution to solve for the same problem. This webinar will help you effectively identify and engage the new buyers of disruptive technologies.

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Hosted by:

Derry N. Finkeldey

Research VP