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The Future of Work and Talent: Culture, Diversity, Technology

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Discussion Topics:

  • AI as a job motivator: how to tell this story and make it real across your organization
  • Digital dexterity and workplace strategies to equip workers with the skills, learning and tools to thrive in digital business
  • Support new ways of working and future business models
  • Assess and reform organizational design, culture, diversity, talent practices and human capital management (HCM) technologies

Are your people and organization ready to take full advantage of new waves of automation and innovation? In our digital world, CIOs must bring together technology and business context to support major changes in work and jobs, in organizational structures and culture. Evolving talent practices will unify action in all three areas to create the future of work. This involves, first, assessing the key technological, social and cultural forces acting on workers. Second, it involves exploring the interplay of technology and people to find new ways of working and new businesses. In this webinar, we review how CIOs should lead in bringing together technology and people to build tomorrow's businesses, platforms and ecosystems and prepare employees to thrive in them.

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Hosted by:

Helen Poitevin

Research Director