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Quantum Computing: The Misunderstood and Feared Disruption

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Discussion Topics:

  • The current state and reality of quantum computing
  • Why you can't ignore quantum computing
  • Deep dive on quantum computing and its potential impact on present and future security

What happens when a computer can break your encryption algorithms almost as fast as you can create new ones? That is one of the fears about quantum computing. Is it real or is it hype? Quantum computing is rapidly maturing and threatens to become one of the most impactful disruptions in the modern era, affecting machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), bitcoin and current day security encryption. In this webinar, we investigate the reality of quantum computing and how it might become a practical platform for accelerating computing in the digital age. Welcome to the Quantum Revolution.

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Hosted by:

Matthew Brisse

Research VP

Mark Horvath

Research Director




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