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5 Situational Leadership Types for Digital Teams

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Discussion Topics:

  • Digital development stages and types of digital workers
  • Apply the 5 situational leadership types for your team's situation
  • Scale situational leadership up, across and down

 CIOs are expected to lead their teams in meeting digital business demands, but most don't have practical leadership experience. IT teams are becoming more diverse in its workforce - including technical and business employees - and in delivery goals. The one-size-fits-all leadership approach does not take into account this growing diversity. Successful CIOs must lead with the leadership style that is most appropriate to the situation and the team. In this webinar, we cover the 5 situational leadership types you can consider for your digital teams.

Hosted by:

Suzanne Adnams

Research VP


LIVE - 13 June 2018

(NEW YORK, UTC -4 hours)

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