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Capitalize on Needs of Emerging Affluent Consumers

This Marketing webinar is cancelled

Discussion Topics:

  • What the emerging affluent consumer needs, wants and values
  • Building relationships with the emerging affluent customer
  • Emerging affluent customers’ financial goals

The largess of affluent boomers has long kept the balance sheets of financial firms in the black. But there's a new affluent class on the rise - a lifeline for firms across the financial landscape: the emerging affluent consumer. Emerging affluent consumers are those 18-to-45-years-old with household incomes between $120k and $249k. This group has different needs and expectations for brands than their affluent cousins. This webinar introduces you to the needs, wants and values of the emerging affluent consumer, with a focus on their finances, to help you capitalize on this new market opportunity.

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Hosted by:

Andrew Marder

Consumer Strategist




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