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AI and Robots in the Workplace

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Discussion Topics:

  • Ways workers want AI incorporated into their jobs
  • IT as “HR for robots”: recruiting, training, and onboarding robots
  • How to position AI, robots, and automation to encourage adoption and engagement from workers

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Just a small percent of workers in the US and UK want an artificial intelligence (AI) system as their co-worker or manager. What the workforce actually desires is for AI to be their helper: to make them look smarter and allow time for interesting tasks. They don't want to work for AI; they want AI to work for them.

As coding gives way to AI training, IT is set to become the HR department for robots. What would a "robot resources" department do and how would that differ from the way IT normally evaluates, configure, and deploys technology? In this webinar, we explore how to position AI, robots, and automation as helpers. We envision a center of excellence modeled on HR that treats them as new employees rather than interlopers stealing jobs.

Hosted by:

Craig Roth

Research VP




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