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What the Internet of Things Means for Your Data and Analytics Capabilities

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Discussion Topics:

  • New data and analytics challenges created by IoT
  • What you must do to drive IoT adaptation
  • New data and analytics capabilities that will be critical for IoT success

Internet of things (IoT) data is both high volume and high velocity. Consider how billions of devices, outside your line of sight and generating oceans of events, will put added pressure on your ability to ingest, store and process data. Digital business and IoT hold massive promise for innovation, new business models and advanced analytics, but are faced with capability challenges. Many existing data and analytics capabilities can be applied to IoT initiatives and IoT data, but organizations also need to modernize in several key areas. In this data and analytics webinar, we explore data challenges created by IoT and which new capabilities are required for IoT success.

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Hosted by:

Ted Friedman

VP Distinguished Analyst


LIVE - 12 November 2018

(NEW YORK, UTC -5 hours)

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