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Maverick: How to Take Advantage of AI

Watch this free 60 minute Artificial Intelligence webinar on-demand

Discussion Topics:

  • How to stand out by using the opposites of AI
  • How to surface new AI-related business models with the greatest impact
  • What to replace with AI to stay ahead of the curve

Maybe the best way to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) is to hold a mirror up to it: "Rather than trying to work against human nature, I think we should be working with human nature," behavioral psychologist Dan Ariely said about the applicability of AI. In this AI webinar, we look at whether you can use a metamodel of AI through the eyes of people, their expectations and hopes to fix past problems, address current needs and fulfill future aspirations. Most importantly, this model will help to use the opposites of AI to surface how to truly take advantage of AI.

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Hosted by:

Svetlana Sicular

VP, Analyst




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