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To Succeed at Innovation, Define Failure Not Success

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Discussion Topics:

  • Great innovation requires failure (I know you know this, at least intellectually)
  • Most humans—especially the corporate kind—are wired to avoid failure
  • Not all failure is the same—some is good and some is bad
  • To get comfortable with failure, define it and seek it in small doses—and avoid the word "failure"
It's all well and good to say, "Fail fast! Fail forward! Fail often!" But you're not a Silicon Valley start-up and you face stealthy, insidious organizational antibodies. In most cases, there is an incompatibility between the failure required for successful innovation and the failure-phobia that inhabits corporate culture. This webinar explores the difference between good and bad innovation failure, and provides a way to get around the innovation assassins that lurk in every enterprise.

Hosted by:

Mary Mesaglio

Distinguished VP Analyst




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