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Top Data Preparation Tools and Techniques for Analytics & Data Science Success

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Discussion Topics:

  • How augmented analytics capabilities impact organizational and market disruption
  • Ways augmented analytics transform how analytics content is authored, shared and interpreted
  • Using augmented analytics to modernize and drive digital transformation and innovation

The business demands faster time to insight than ever before to remain competitive, particularly as more industries face digital disruption. Thus, analytics become more pervasive across the enterprise with insights derived from a growing number of diverse internal and external data sources, with varying degrees of trustworthiness. This increasing complexity and business urgency challenge businesspeople to get insights needed in time without IT assistance, while data and analytics leaders struggle to respond due to their over-reliance on IT-centric tools. In fact, organizations report that they spend more than 60% of their time in data preparation, leaving little time for actual analysis.
It's time to flip that equation. This must-attend webinar provides you with the tools and techniques you need to provide timely, complete, integrated and curated data to businesspeople for analytics and data science success.

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Hosted by:

Ehtisham Zaidi

Sr Principal Analyst




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