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How Gartner Customer Acquisition Key Initiative Enables Tech CEOs to Grow Faster

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Discussion Topics:

  • What is the customer acquisition key initiative and why it matters
  • How does the customer acquisition key initiative help tech CEOs grow their businesses
  • What steps do you need to implement today and in the near future

Your customers are your most important asset -- without them you have no business. You must satisfy your current customers while always growing your base. Thus, it is critical for you to identify and target prospects. You need a strong value story that will resonate with prospects, establish credibility and trust, and motivate your target audience to take action. You must couple this with an effective sales process that incorporates many moving parts. In this webinar, Gartner expert Rob Addy reveals how the Gartner Customer Acquisition Key Initiative can help tech CEOs craft the most compelling value story while instilling a market-leading sales process.

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Hosted by:

Rob Addy

VP Analyst




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