After trying a technology, which of the following is most important to experience prior to making a decision to buy?

Concrete upfront estimates of cost42%

Documentation to support specified use case(s)46%

Knowledge of all potential additional costs12%


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Director in Manufacturing, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
For us it was always TCO - total cost of ownership. And that includes everything possible. And one cost few consider - Exit cost. If you adopt the new X technology, how difficult and expensive is exit or switching in a few years? Always consider having an exit strategy

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Reduced costs27%

Faster deployments58%

Improved security standards46%

Improved scalability48%

Fewer errors30%

Improved consistency31%

Improved visibility13%

No configuration drift7%

Improved stability6%



Director of IT, Self-employed
Enabling GenerativeAI in our detect product.
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