What percentage of your budget would you be willing to spend in order to be carbon neutral?


1% - 10%50%

11% - 20%27%

21% - 30%9%

31% - 40%4%

41% - 50%1%

More than 50%1%


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Sustainable Supply Chain Adviser in Healthcare and Biotech, Self-employed
I'd like to know if there were questions before this one came on....as this is a follow up question.
The main question is: Do you know where you are and where you want to get to and why?
Have you defined what a sustainable setup should look like for your company and if carbon neutrality is the biggest component of it to focus on that only...or not?
If yes, then the question is relevant. If not, then not.
Carbon neutrality is just one component of being sustainable and we need to ensure we have the right understanding of this, before carbon tunnel vision sets in.

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We are sharing decarbonization costs with all of our vendors100%

We are sharing decarbonization costs with some of our vendors0%

We are not sharing decarbonization costs0%


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