After a long process with a RFP, last week we chose an offshore sw indian company to build us a hybrid mobile app. If you have managed a similar project , could you give me pointers of how to manage it?

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That's great. Make sure there is a join ownership. Regular reviews of working is important to make any adjustments (Agile model preferred). Assuming you have a clear person on your team that is driving the engagement. This is important from trust but verify and overall accountability perspective. 
CTO in Software, 51 - 200 employees
Also important is to pick a team that is passionate about the product vision and gives that extra edge to make it succeed. This is evident from the attention to detail they show in the proposal, from the suggestions/ideas they bring to the table (if any) and the flexibility they show during execution.

Plus having a scalable design that is well thought through and properly documented and signed off is very important.

Also, most important thing, please have weekly reports form team on 'what was done' vs. ' what is planned for this week' and make sure you get to test the progress every 2 weeks.
CTO in Education, 2 - 10 employees
Document, document, document and document. Make sure you are in the driver seat until the very end and make sure you have short sprints (14 days by default) in which you evaluate your progress.

Create metrics on which you will evaluate the progress and make sure your processes are clear to everyone (Definition of ready/Definition of done etc)

If you have an extra dime to spend make sure the code is reviewed by a third party.
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Rajeev, I have not been involved directly with the management of the project but have been at the financial end managing expenses.  We spent years working with a company from India to develop an application for our institution.

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