What are the best practices every Information Security Access Control Policy should include? We are reviewing and updating our Enterprise wide Information Security Access Control Policy.

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Principle of Least Privilege
User Authentication and Authorization
Access Control Monitoring
Regular Access Reviews
Segregation of Duties
Incident Response and Reporting

These best practices provide a foundation for developing a robust Information Security Access Control Policy. It is important to tailor them to the specific needs and risk profile of your organization.
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When reviewing and updating your enterprise-wide Information Security Access Control Policy, it is important to consider the following best practices

·        Principle of Least Privilege.

·        Role-Based Access Control (RBAC

·        User Authentication

·        Access Reviews and Auditing.

·        Access Control for Remote Access

·        Separation of Duties

·        Access Control for Third-Party Users

·        Password Management

·        Access Control for Data

·        Regular Policy Review and Updates

Remember that these best practices serve as general guidelines, and you should tailor them to fit the specific needs and requirements of your organization. It is also recommended to consult with security professionals or seek legal advice to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
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Least Privilege: Grant minimal access needed for job roles, only what is necessary. 

User Access Management: Control user onboarding, modification, and removal.

Strong Authentication: Enforce strong authentication methods like MFA. you can also leverage tools like Okta.

Password Management: Set guidelines for secure passwords. Revoke old passwords often. 

Access Control for Systems: Implement user roles and permissions.

Account Monitoring and Logging: Log user access and system events.


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