Hi, exploring the use of In-Memory Databases. Any feedback if anyone tried using ExaSol? Or any others?

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Have not directly used exasol, but sql server 2014 used some of the concepts which I am familiar with, SAP hana is a popular one too which I am familiar with and works to a certain extend, as long as you provide enough disk space.

Anyway I can share a quick compare info, of in-mem db like Greenplum,exasol, sap hana, memsql, through the attached article, exasol comes with its own OS to run on DRAM and wins by a margin looking at the performance, Exasol is a blackbox, so your engineers will be very weary about it, but seems to work per the info so far. Exasol does provide a bunch of jdbc drivers for each load and restore to legacy dbms.

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Thanks Sreenivas

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I looked at Exasol back in 2009. Surprised that thet are still around.
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Hello Rahul, I have not used exasol. Using Awa Redshift and sql server for in house.
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Hi, We use AWS Redshift & SQL.. Not explored pure in-memory DB
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Hi Rahul, Used exasol in 2010 but we switched shortly due to performance and vendor support issues. Sql and Hana works well depending on use case in question.
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What is the use-case? Most in-memory databases are either key/value-based or document-based and tend to solve specific needs / augmented by other solutions. Some details if you can share would help.

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