We are looking to replace our current Exam Document Management Software Service. Is anyone aware of service/system providers of the below requirements as a minimum, ideally that already serve the HE sector?  Requirements: Document Storage: Document creation, storage and management of PDF, Word, Zip files Ability to single and batch upload documents Ability to add keywords/metatags to files and folders Version Control Secure Multi Factor Auth (AD) Access Role Based Access control to files and folders Ability to filter/report on File/Folder tags e.g. Student Numbers/Colleges/Print Status Tag and folder/document Title search functionality Cloud based Access for both UK and UAE with backup functionality Data synchronisation: Synchronisation with Student Data Services e.g. Ellucian Banner – to include Student placement figures Associated Colleges, Programmes, Modules, Assessment codes Daily synchronisation to manage active data e.g. assessments and programmes From batch upload functionality the ability to logically extract files to folders based on naming conventions System use Twice yearly rollover and archive functionality e.g. ability to store and report on current and previous exam years WCAG 2.1 compliant Support Initial and ongoing system training Core hours support Enhanced support at critical times May - August

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Research HE-Focused Providers: Look for service providers that specialize in serving the Higher Education sector. They may have a better understanding of the unique needs and requirements of educational institutions. Explore their websites, case studies, and client testimonials to assess their suitability.

 Consult with Peers: Reach out to other educational institutions, particularly in the UK and UAE, to inquire about the document management software they use. Networking with colleagues in the HE sector can provide valuable insights into suitable service providers and their experiences.

 Request for Proposals (RFPs): Develop a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) document outlining your specific requirements. Send the RFP to potential service providers, including those with experience in the Higher Education sector. This will allow you to compare different vendors and their offerings based on their responses.

 Evaluation and Demos: Shortlist a few potential service providers and schedule demonstrations or product evaluations. During these sessions, focus on how well their software meets your requirements and whether they can demonstrate the necessary features and functionalities.

References and Due Diligence: Ask the shortlisted service providers for references from other educational institutions they currently serve. Reach out to these references to gain insights into their experiences, satisfaction levels, and any potential issues they faced.
Compliance and Support: Assess the compliance of the software with WCAG 2.1 standards, as per your requirements. Inquire about the level of support offered by the service providers, including initial training and ongoing technical support. Ensure their support aligns with your expected core hours and critical times.

By following these steps, you should be able to identify service providers that meet your minimum requirements and ideally serve the HE sector. Remember to evaluate not only the features and functionalities but also the vendor's reputation, customer support, and track record in the industry.
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From the long questions and requirements posted, I think it will be hard to find an out of thr box, ready to deploy solution that match those points. Have you thought to build it using a third party developers ? This can meet those requirements, with a correct contract and longevity, you can detetrmine the ROI

This opinion is based on the requirements you posted
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We are using DocuWare and DocuPhase enterprise management service softwares for content management end to end. We are exploring other content management softwares for their best features and utilities. The most promising content management softwares are the one which are affordable and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and provides best in class utilities for content management and its upgradation. The best exam document management software comes with unlimited storage capacity, automation systems, advanced security enhancements, remote collaborative features, customizable and scalability parameters etc.
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These are just a few examples of document management software services within the HE sector

1. SharePoint: SharePoint is a widely used collaboration platform offered by Microsoft. It provides document management features, including document creation, storage, versioning, tagging, and compliance with accessibility standards like WCAG 2.1. SharePoint can handle various file formats, including PDF and Word.

2. Alfresco: Alfresco is an open-source document management system that offers comprehensive features for document creation, storage, and management. It supports PDF and Word files and allows tagging and metadata management. Alfresco can also ensure WCAG 2.1 compliance, enabling accessibility for users with disabilities.

3. DocuWare: DocuWare is a cloud-based document management platform that caters to various industries, including the HE sector. It supports PDF and Word document creation, storage, and management, along with features like tagging and indexing. DocuWare ensures compliance with accessibility standards like WCAG 2.1.

4. Laserfiche: Laserfiche is an enterprise content management software that provides document creation, storage, and management capabilities. It supports PDF and Word formats and offers tagging and metadata features. Laserfiche also enables WCAG 2.1 compliance, ensuring accessibility for all users.

5. OnBase by Hyland: OnBase is an enterprise content management system that includes document management functionality. It supports PDF and Word document creation, storage, and management. OnBase allows tagging and metadata organization and provides accessibility features compliant with WCAG 2.1 standards.

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